Optishot Golf Simulator

optishotOptishot Golf Simulator

Purchase Optishot through TheOnlineGolfCoach for just £299!

“Golf Simulators are a great tool to help Golf Pro’s teach, particularly those that have limited practice facilities. Optishot is ideal for amateurs to play and improve their game at home at a price thats affordable. I first came across Optishot  in late 2011 and couldn’t believe how accuarte and real the playabilty was. I started using Optishot at The London Golf Academy immediately and it had a huge impact on my teaching particularly through the winter. The stats and feedback are crucial for profiling my students. The game play is real with superb graphics and helps make all my lessons that little bit more enjoyable”.


The Optishot Golf Simulator is available at an amazing £299 from TheOnlineGolfCoach

  • Simply plug & play on your computer
  • Connect your computer to a HD Tv to enhance the experience
  • Connect your computer to a projector to create the full golf simulator experience.
  • Play on 12 replica courses from around the world or practice your game


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