MySPGolf Trainer

MySp Golf Trainer….just £44.95

TheOnlineGolfCoach endorses the MySP Golf Training Aid device as 1 of the few truly Multi-Functional Golf Swing training aids on the market that covers so many of the golf faultsimagesCAA5STRV.  

The MySP unique resistance system helps improve the consistency of your golf swing by accelerating the

“Neuromuscular Muscle Development”

(muscle memory for your golf swing).

This training aid is suitable for all levels, from beginners just starting out, to professionals using it in their training regime or as part of your fitness program.

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The specially developed harness and resistance bands can assist a golfer in curing many of common golf swing faults and supporting the basics:

FAULTS:9. Using both Bands 2 assist in good hip rotation at contact slim


 Poor hip rotation

 Chicken Winging

 Trailing leg collapsing

 Leading Leg Slide


Good consistency in the Swing Plane

 Promotes good width in the backswing

 Short Game (chipping and pitching)

Keeping Connected throughout the swing

Increases Knee Power to the Leading Leg –

Simple yet highly effective the MySP golf swing training aid will help golfers of any age or level striving for that perfect swing, chip or putt.