Q: Username & Passwords?

A: When you sign up to TheonlineGolfCoach you will need to create a Username and Password on the registration page. When you log in to the website you will enter your username and password. To then gain access to your Ebook you will have to enter the same username and Password again.

Q: I’ve filled in the registration page but my authorization Email hasn’t come through?

A: Check your Junk mail box. Some email provider settings are different and can send out emails to your junk mail box.

Q: I’ve registered and paid my subscription but can’t access my Ebook?

A: It takes 48 Hours for TheOnlineGolfCoach to prepare your introduction pages of your Ebook. If it has been longer than this please email dean@theonlinegolfcoach.com  for help.

Q: What’s my Ebook Log in details?

A: Your Ebook Log In details are your normal username and your Password.

Q: I’ve tried to access my Ebook but it’s taken me to a different page saying access denied.

A: Click the back button in your browser and try again. You may have entered your details incorrectly.

Q: Why do i need to Log in to the website and then enter the same Log in details again to access my Ebook?

A: TheOnlineGolfCoach provides the securist of environments for our Clients and the Ebook software requires further confirmation of your identidy.

Q: I’ve uploaded my video to the Dropbox but my lesson has not been placed in my Ebook?

A: Check that your paypal payment went through successfully. If it has and it’s been longer than 3 days please contact dean@theonlinegolfcoach.com

If you did not find your answer above please email dean@theonlinegolfcoach.com  for more help.